Collection: Gifts

Introducing our exquisite personalised gift collection, where fragrances meet individuality. Elevate your gifting experience with our carefully curated selection of perfume decants and diffuser oils, each thoughtfully customised to suit your preferences. 

Crafted with precision and passion, our perfume decants capture the essence of luxury in convenient, travel sized bottles. 

Choose from a variety of premium fragrances, ranging from floral bouquets to captivating woody notes. Every decant is meticulously selected to provide a delightful olfactory experience. 

Complementing the allure of our original perfume decants is our exclusive range of diffuser oils. Transform any space into a sanctuary of aromatic bliss with our handmade blends. Whether its a calming warm vanilla sugar, an invigorating fruity burst of endless weekend or our bestseller baccarat rouge; our diffuser oils creates an ambience that resonates with personal taste. 

Our personalised gift collection sets us apart with the ability to add a distinctive touch. Select from our range of elegant packaging, customised tags, or special messages. It's the perfect way to express your thoughtfulness and make every gift a cherished memory. 

Give the gift of personalised luxury scents - where fragrance becomes a unique expression of love and appreciation. 

Gifting can be customised for the following occasions:

  • Christmas
  • Corporate
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversary
  • Thank you gifts
  • House warming gifts (applicable to the diffuser oil range only)
  • Other special occasions (Valentines, Mother's and Father's day etc)